OnePlus 7 Pro: A true bezeless premium flagship.

OnePlus’s event happened in three places: New York, London, and Bangalore.  today with a lot of hype all over the world, which is indeed understandable because OnePlus has been a remarkable company to release flagships exceptional and still with the price almost half of other premium flagship companies, like Apple and Samsung.

The event started with the updated from last year in which the most important achievement to be noted is that OnePlus is now officially in the top 5 smartphone companies in the world, in terms of sales and quality of the product. After that, the actual first look of the mobile was shown, three different color variants, triple rear cameras, a pop up front camera and a display with just screen with a very minimal chin. OnePlus 7 Pro has three color variants, namely Mirror Grey, Almond, Nebula Blue. They have a shiny metallic feel matte glass.

There are four main things to observe in this device- Display, Camera, Speed, and the price. 


It just looks like oneplus has beaten the giant of smartphone displays. In a world where Samsung display panels are the most premium and named as the best ever displays by most tech reviewers, OnePlus 7 pro got released with 6.22″ QHD+ AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, which is unbelievable. They call it the ‘Fluid Amoled’ display. The display panel of best contrast with very smooth user experience is what they have achieved with this mobile phone. It has achieved a 93.22% screen-to-body ratio. with the truly bezeless display. The display is now curved on both sides like the bleeding edge from Samsung which is both a merit and demerit in many aspects. Also, DisplayMate which is a company which gives rating for phone displays has given OnePlus 7 pro an A+ rating which is the highest rating for among all mobile phones.


There are totally 4 cameras in the device, 3 rear cameras, and one pop up front camera. There are three different lenses at the back, 
Main lens: 48mp f/1.6 1/2″ sensor with OIS (SONY IMX 568) 
Telephoto lens: 8mp f/2.4 sensor with 3x zoom
Ultra wide lens: 117* 16mp f/2.2 sensor with OIS

The camera application user experience is still the same as its older brothers. It does a really good job of taking photos and video recording with 4k resolution. To justify the quality of its camera, a national geographic photographer was made to travel with just this device. The pictures taken were displayed during the event which was remarkably great. 

They added another mode called ‘Ultrashot’ which is basically HDR mode which makes the photo more natural with better contrast and color signs. The cameras also use three modes of focusing so to ensure that your subject is never out of focus. 

Last but not least, the cameras got a Dxomark score of 111 just one point less than the top camera smartphones Huawei p30 pro and Samsung galaxy s10 5g.

The front camera can retract within 0.53 seconds and has been tried up to 300,000 trials which by math if you open the front camera 150 times approximately every day, it sums up to 5 years and will still be running. They also added another feature called fall detection. If you drop the phone by mistake, by using the accelerometer and the gyroscope, it will collapse immediately. It will collapse completely if dropped from a height of 2ft or more. They also showed a video of the camera lifting a weight of 49 pounds which shows how much they thought about its durability. 


This is where oneplus is showing off where they have always been really good at all the way from the start. The 12gb ram with the new Snapdragon 855 kyro 7nm chipset is just crazy fast in multitasking and seamless while switching from one app to another. They promise that it can run 64 apps at once which is first of a kind in any smartphone. Adreno 640 with SD855 is tested to be 20% faster than the phone with SD845. One of the most underrated things which are shared in the event is UFS 3.0 which helps in higher data transfer speeds. It was first used by the Galaxy Fold but after they received the handles back as the catastrophic breakage of displays happened, OnePlus 7 pro will be the first of its kind on a stable market. It is much better than UFS 2.1, as significant as 79% more faster. 


To withstand the huge bright display with a 90Hz refresh rate, it requires a better battery to make it last long enough. The phone packs with a 4000mAh battery with Warp charging which we have seen in the McLaren edition of OnePlus 6t with 30W charging. With this charging system, the company promises 50% of charge within 20 minutes of charging. As promising as seems, by the observations from one of the biggest tech youtuber, MKBHD, the screen on time from 100 to 0 gives around 4 hours compared to the old flagships which gave around hours of screen on time. Although you can still reduce the refresh rate to 60Hz, who will be willing to give up on a smooth experience as a 90Hz display gives?


There are two individual speakers one in the top and one in the bottom. With the OnePlus 7 Pro, they integrated Dolby Atmos which is pretty dope. They switched to Haptic vibration motors which are by far the best vibration motors ever created. It is the same motors which are used in Pixel mobiles. The sound quality is something which should be actually experienced to know how it really is. 


Oxygen OS has always amazed us with a lot of features which are not found in stock. Oxygen OS 9.5 doesn’t have much change from its older versions but the same OS with a seamless experience of that display is something unique.  They also added Fnatic mode which potentially blocks data connection to any other application so the game/application you are running will get the maximum bandwidth. There’s also another mode called Zen mode, just like Wellbeing in pixel. This mode is concerned on one’s mindfulness and blocks out everything for 20 minutes except camera and emergency calls. Zen mode will not exit until 20 minutes have passed. One thing that is missed from the 6t is the LED notification lights. It is now integrated as edge lighting, called the horizon light which we have seen for past Galaxy phones.  

Another significant upgrade is the size of in screen fingerprint scanner from 6.6mm to 7.7mm which is really better. Also, it has achieved the fastest fingerprint recognition by 0.21s. 


OnePlus also released its Bullets 2 with improved ergonomics and advanced mechanisms for more clear sound. It’s still not truly wireless like the Airpods or Galaxy buds but still has almost the same quality for less. It is $99 or Rs.7000 in India. The incredible charging speed of this earphone is what makes it stand out. 10 hours of music in 10 minutes of charge. 

Another hardware they showed is the car Warp charger which is still 30W and can be used in your car as well. 


There are three variants of the OnePlus 7 pro

6gb+ 128gb – Rs 49,000 or $669
8gb+ 256gb – Rs 53,000 or $699
12gb+ 256gb – Rs 58,000 or $749