Poems (collection)

Hi everyone! This is Tejasvi here. A passionate writer with a lot of stories to tell, from the experience I felt, dwelled and saw. Do read the collection of poems I have written! Feel free to share your views in the comment section. To read all my other works, visit my Instagram page! Happy reading 🙂

You’re in my head

I picture you inside my head,
It brightens up my day.
I thank the god for that,
You came up my way.

You’re sunshine when it’s raining,
You’re the cheerier Ray of light,
I picture you inside my head,
It makes me cross the night…


Make a difference,
Draw a line.
Make it clear,
That you’re fine.

Maybe this is not the right time,
But one day life will show you flavors other than time…

Essence of love

Call it love, call it an obsession
But I keep calling for this toxic destruction

Feel it once and you’ll know the pain of depression
The pleasure of the essence of love or the pain of the uncontrollable

Call me insane; call it my passion
But fall for once, you’ll see your biggest distraction.


We all try to make sense of our poetry, don’t we?
But when something comes from the heart itself,
It doesn’t make sense…
It makes magic itself!

You believe in dragons breathing flames

Yet you need wood to create fire,
You have been kissed by things worse than death
Yet you’re afraid to say goodbye.

Because, darling,
You’re something between heaven and hell
And both cannot own you.


Because, my love,
Your lies seeped so deep in my soul
That when I hear the truth I reject it.
So when people actually love me,
I just curb to the side and feel ashamed.
That’s when I realized how selfish it was.
Your kind of love is so rooted in me that
I guess love isn’t love until I get hurt.


We planted our seeds of love.
We watched the trees of our Union grow and
Meander into the air enhanced by the color of limbs.
I took it for granted that you’ll always be there
Blocking them from winds that were directed our way
Then the love began to fade,
The forest began to decay
But still, I’m standing here
Waiting for your love to return
I will always yearn to rebuilt
What allowed us to live,
Our love will not become a lesson learned.


For a writer,
life is an eternal battle.
A writer talks goody,
loves to read absolute facts.
writes the bitter truth
and pleasant lies,
Can win your heart
or break your heart…
as their words are explosive

more than the swords!

The Sun!

The sun sets tinting this blue of a sky a little orange.
The leaves fall painting this green of a tree a little yellow.
The moon colds freezing this white of a sky a little transparent.
The sun rises blooming this dark of a night a little bright!


I have noticed the essence of your crushed dreams in tears.
Your tears usually glitter in the sunlight but that day they were hiding
ashes in them, ashes of your cremated wishes, ashes of your wasted
spirit. After watching me stare at you, you wiped that away with your
back and but they have already dissolved in the air around us and
lingered as long as I was beside you.


Gone are those days,
When families were well knit,
Houses were small but
Hearts were huge enough to fit.
Celebrations were happiness and
Sorrow of one was shared by all.

The “I” was shorter and “we” were comparatively tall.
Now things have changed.
“I” has changed its place with “we”
The sorrows of one are left one to cry and die
Nobody has time to hear our your pain, hug you or just sit.
Truly, gone are those days when families were well knit.