The Pursuit of happiness in little things

Society has modified the way people think about achieving happiness or being happy. Although, its not entirely true, we sometimes wonder “whether they will accept me if I am legit happy about something.” We naturally feel more excited about big events, lets say wedding, birthdays, job promotions and so on. I don’t mean to diminish their importance in life, But think about it, why do we assign a goal to ourselves and thrive for it and thinking abstractly that achieving that will only lead to something called happiness in our lives? The more important questions are lying in the path you took towards your destiny. Ask yourself, Are you happy now, this exact moment?

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.”

Kurt Vonnegut

We often ourselves get lost in the process knowingly or unknowingly, sticking towards a mere moment far long in the future which is just a presumption of a climax of any event put forth in the present you are present in which may or may not happen exactly as you thought it would.
But have you ever wondered what exactly embracing the little moments in life are?

What does that mean?

Appreciating the little things in life means observing the outcomes of any challenge or goal you set to finish for today or this hour or maybe a month in a totally different way. It can be achieved by focusing on anything you look or think or feel only the things that nurtures and sustains you in life. On every single thing that brings even a little amount of pleasures and lightens your mood. 

Equanimity in life can also be achieved by showing more gratitude to by observing and noticing everyday happenings that you take for granted right now. That applies for you too, because if you don’t know how to be kind and thank yourself for all the challenges you are throwing yourself into, then how will you learn to be kind to others?

How to do it?

If you are not able to find happiness in the place where you are, find yourself a place to spend time alone, maybe a park or beach. Reevaluate your thought process and observe your surroundings, think about all those little details in your sight and try to show gratitude to at least any one of those. Being grateful to whatever life gives to you will surely have a great positive impact on the long run.

Try to thank at least five people everyday. When someone does something for you, let it be either anything small or big, Thank them. Not only that they will feel good for being acknowledged, You will feel good too. Compliment someone everyday. Let it be something meaningful because everyone has something in them which is worth admiring. It all comes down to the point of observing the little things in life.

Be grateful and have gratitude to the person in the other side of the mirror, That’s where your true happiness begins.


Make a list of tasks you want to do every morning and try to accomplish everything but by the end of the day, if you finished 8 out of 10 tasks, Always appreciate yourself for accomplishing that rather than looking at the 2 tasks which aren’t done. Always appreciate yourself for all the efforts you put in your life and tell to yourself that you will do better the next time. 

Celebrate small achievements. It’s very important to boost you up to your final goal. Let it be a small milestone, celebrate it. You aren’t very far away from your destiny, but you are a little closer to it every day. I know it’s hard to focus on only things that make you happy in a world where negativity everywhere, but making a conscious effort on the positive things because doing nothing will take you nowhere from the place you are but a little effort every day can take you anywhere.

You live in paradise but you just don’t realize it.


Why is this important?

Your present mindset and mental-emotional health contribute majorly to the vibe you give off to people you meet every day. A happy place is where you find the fullest of yourself, feeling connected to everyone in the room even if you don’t know everyone. Experiencing and expressing gratitude is the key to connect with people.

More positivity you carry with you, more resilient you will. In turn, resilience build strength on their positive emotions. These emotions will help you cope up in the most difficult situations. By learning how to appreciate little things in life, You will find yourself in a place where you can enhance your positive emotions effectively all day long.

If you truly appreciate life, You will find beauty everywhere.


Ask yourself the question: Do you want the result or the process along the way to the result?

Take your time

Take time for yourself throughout the day, savor every moment to keep your energy level lifted and having an equipoised mood. Doing everything given in this article in a day is hard, But practice it everyday. With practice, it becomes your second nature. You will find yourself in a state where you start to appreciate life so much which you used to take for granted till now.

I hope you will enjoy and appreciate the little things in your life and to have more gratitude daily. Keep enjoying the big milestones, But don’t miss out the things you come across in your life. 

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”


Share your story on comments section, Which little thing in life do you find the most inspirational and makes you more joyous?

Share this article with your friends and family! Be happy, right now. The future will take care of itself.