What Chennai local train journeys are like?

Workers and students rushing, vendors trying their best to sell out their products, coaches getting packed station after station and the occasional travelers who seek to travel around the city, these are the few types of people you get to see in Chennai’s local trains. It will be more of a blissful experience once you try it by yourself. Let me explain.

Chennai has one of the most complex suburban railway system, also the third busiest after Mumbai and Kolkata. Daily users of these trains are illions around total of 294 stations in the city.

I live in Chennai from the day I was born. I have traveled around in local trains from my childhood since now. Sometimes, people make this a routine and by time, they lose interest over their journey or that excitation just fades away. A usual ride takes around 30-40 minutes for you to travel approximately halfway through Chennai.  

Being a daily traveler in local trains is really hectic, But making it a routine makes it easy and we forget how hard it was initially. Usually, The fares collected to travel even between two extremities of the city doesn’t cross even 50  rupees maximum. Few local trains also run till Andhra Pradesh. 

The travel is never less noisy. you will always be surrounded by the voices of vendors, the less fortune, a random old dude shouting at this phone and a lot more personalities. But this is what makes the travel more lively and sometimes, hell. 

A lot more new versions of these trains had been released in past couple years. These concern a lot about the smoothness and safety of the passenger. But still you can find the old trains running around the city. Innovations are endless and people are still running behind more ideas to make this travel a lot more easier for everyone. 

During 2016, Another player joined the game in Chennai, The metro rail. Although tickets for these are comparatively lot more than the suburban railway. But then metro slowly raised voice among the public and now has been used by a lot more people than the local trains. Even though metro rails are a better alternative and much efficient way of transportation, people never really was able to change their routine life using suburban trains. 

To sum up, I would say that this is an experience you have to feel by yourself. In the time where uber and ola can dominate, These train travels make you feel that time hasn’t changed and will not change. Get out of your home, catch a train and make it a routine, you will know how it is.